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How to bring more abundance into your life

Unless you've had your head buried under a rock or something similar, you've probably heard something about 'Law of Attraction' or 'Cosmic Ordering'.  I first heard about Cosmic Ordering years ago when Noel Edmonds discussed how he had used it.  I paid it some attention and actually had some minor success - 'ordering' a seat on the tube or a parking space for example.  However, when I failed to win the lottery after 'ordering' it, I just gave up! Law of Attraction is something that I suppose I've subconsciously been aware of but only recently started to embrace into my everyday life.  The basic premise behind it is that like attracts like; positive thoughts attracts positivity, whilst dwelling in the negative leads us to experience more negative behaviours and incidents.  This does not mean that every time you have a 'down' thought you'll suddenly be inundated with terrible occurrences but it really applies to how you actual

The one thing they don't warn you about when you start yoga...

Ok so when you start yoga, people are ready to tell you all the positives - that it'll change your life, that you'll become more flexible/stronger/balanced - and all the negatives - there *may* be involuntary passing of gas, you might fall over when you try and balance, people might see your pants through your leggings - etc. etc. etc.  However, what they fail to mention is that probably the hardest thing to do is actually to pluck up the courage, book a class and walk through the doors. In a world where we spend copious amounts of our day to day life behind a computer screen, going out into the 'real' world and interacting with 'real' people is not always easy.  Especially if you're worried that those people are going to be toned gods and goddesses who weave their own clothes from yak's milk and discuss in great detail how to power up their root chakras.  Yes, yoga is a spiritual practice and to be honest, it is one of my bugbears when people just