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Mental Health Awareness Week

This week I have been doing some work in the corporate sector, helping workers find some peace and calm in their busy days... Stress, anxiety, depression...sadly, they are all on the rise and finding ways to relax and recharge appear to be getting harder and harder.  Being busy becomes a kind of currency or badge of honour - how may times have you said 'sorry, I can't I'm just TOO BUSY ...' in the last few weeks, days, hours? If all the things consuming your time and causing you stress were to be miraculously stripped away right now, what would you fill your time with?  What would your passion in life be?  Would you travel? Would you spend more time with friends, family, pets? Would you take up any new hobbies or just dedicate more time to the ones you already have? Would you look after your health and wellbeing by exercising more or starting a meditation practice? Just consider for a few moments what your answers would be to these questions...and then conside