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Staying Motivated when you just want to give up

We've all been're training for a specific even and at some point you just think 'what the hell am I doing?' and want to jack it all in... This week has probably been my hardest week in terms of staying motivated throughout my marathon training.  I've felt knackered every day and all I've wanted to do is eat and sleep.  It's made me question how much I'm putting my body through.  However, coming out of the other side of this mindset, it has also made me very grateful and proud of just how much my body is capable of. I have had IBS since I was 18 and when it flares up, which it does and often unpredictably, it can be incredibly painful - inconvenient at best and debilitating at worse.  It gets worse when I'm tired or stressed or not sleeping well.  As I've been suffering from all three of those triggers the last couple of weeks, its not been great. However, rather than giving into it, it's got me thinking about how to sta

Spring Clean with the Equinox

Today is the Spring Equinox where, theoretically, we experience equal hours of daylight and darkness. It is a wonderful time to ditch the things in your life that no longer serve you.  Consider the notion of spring cleaning; traditionally, this is a time to sweep away the clutter and accumulated 'stuff' from the dark, winter months in readiness to welcome the lighter days and warmer weather. This notion of cleaning could, and should, be extended to our bodies and emotions. By removing the habits, thought processes and behaviours that are no longer working for us, we make way for those that do. We often hear people talking about going on a detox diet and, whilst it is very important to consider what we are putting into our bodies, this is something that we shouldn't see as a short term fix - a week of following a juicing diet will not miraculously solve all your problems!  Being more mindful about what we eat, what we think and what we do is a more realistic and hea

Finding Balance with Restorative Yoga

It’s quite typical to spend your weeks and even your weekends, rushing about trying to get loads of things done and feeling utterly exhausted at the end of it all.  Even our exercise routines can be so fast-paced that they place added stress upon our bodies.  Restorative Yoga gives you an antidote to this fast-paced way of living and encourages you to slow down, rest and recharge. What is Restorative Yoga? Restorative Yoga is about working with your parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the nervous system responsible for, amongst other things, slowing the heart rate, digestion, conserving energy and allowing the body to recharge.  Its role is the complete opposite of the sympathetic nervous system (our ‘flight or fight’ response), which is a state that many of us find ourselves constantly dwelling in, whether due to work or lifestyle stresses. Restorative Yoga is a practice designed to help reduce stress and anxiety, and to help promote relaxation, wellbeing and heali

My First Half Marathon Race: MK Festival of Running 2018

Despite running half marathon/half marathon + distances consistently every weekend for over a month, Sunday was my first official race. I chose to take part in the MK Festival of Running 2018 Half Marathon as it's only a few minutes down the road from where I live, and I figured that MK would be a relatively flat course.  The weather has been utterly vile recently so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sunday was warm and sunny and finally felt like a proper spring day! The race itself had a nice downhill section to begin with and then felt pretty flat all the way round until...the HILL OF DOOM at the very end.  The last mile required us to run up Campbell Hill and good grief, I cannot imagine a worse hill to do at that point in the race.  Most people seemed to be power-walking or slow jogging up it and I did a mixture of the two.  Thankfully, the finish line was flat so I was able to do a sprint finish...hurrah. In terms of times, I wanted under 2:20 and was on trac

Marathon Training in the Snow

"How's your marathon training progressing?" That's a question I get asked on a regular basis.  I'd definitely say its going well but it's been somewhat hindered over the last few days with the arrival of the 'Beast from the East' and all its wintery havoc.  We should, by rights, be moving into Spring now; I have definitely seen crocuses poking their little heads up although I'm guessing that they're now completely smothered in about 4 inches of snow! It's also probably worth mentioning that I HATE snow: it's cold, it's wet and it's very slippery!  Yes, like everyone else I coo at the pretty snowflakes when they first start to fall on Christmas Eve but after that, I'm done! Training outdoors for a Spring marathon has been an absolute nightmare this year for me.  My circulation isn't great and I've come home on a number of occasions from long runs barely able to feel my legs let alone my fingers!  I have invested

World Book Day Ideas

One of my loves (aside from eating, running and yoga-ing) is reading.  In fact (and this is a random little fact for you), I even have an MA in Literature. So, with today being World Book Day, I thought I'd share a few reading ideas with you.   My first suggestions for World Book Day... Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray Light Warrior by Kyle Gray  My second World Book Day recommendation has a yoga theme... The Bhagavad Gita Rumi's  Selected Poems My third World Book Day choice comprises of a couple of books about the body’s healing system.  The Heart Speaks by Mimi Guarneri   Extraordinary Healing by Art Brownstein Make the most of this snowy weather: snuggle up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea, a blanket and enjoy a great book!