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How to bring more abundance into your life

Unless you've had your head buried under a rock or something similar, you've probably heard something about 'Law of Attraction' or 'Cosmic Ordering'.  I first heard about Cosmic Ordering years ago when Noel Edmonds discussed how he had used it.  I paid it some attention and actually had some minor success - 'ordering' a seat on the tube or a parking space for example.  However, when I failed to win the lottery after 'ordering' it, I just gave up!

Law of Attraction is something that I suppose I've subconsciously been aware of but only recently started to embrace into my everyday life.  The basic premise behind it is that like attracts like; positive thoughts attracts positivity, whilst dwelling in the negative leads us to experience more negative behaviours and incidents.  This does not mean that every time you have a 'down' thought you'll suddenly be inundated with terrible occurrences but it really applies to how you actually see the world - the old glass half empty or glass half full mentality.

So for example, say you were to go for a walk round your town, your attitude would affect your perception of that place.  If you went out ready to look for the negatives you'll probably notice things like overgrown weeds in the park, graffiti on the walls, dog poo, noisy kids playing football etc. etc.  However, if you were to go out ready to see the good, you would probably perceive all these scenarios (ok, except the dog poo one!) in a very different light: the overgrown park has encouraged more bees, which is great for the environment; the graffiti artists are actually incredibly talented and are showcasing wonderful examples of urban art; the kids are playing happily outside and not becoming mindless drones sat playing on their tablets or watching trashy TV!

Is it really that easy?  Hmm, well yes and no.  To begin with, why not try just changing your perspective?  Every time you feel a negative comment or thought welling its way to the surface, try and think of 3-5 positive ones that could replace it.  And yes, these do apply to yourself as well!

I'm at a point where I am careful and considerate with the language I use (I don't mean swears - I still like to chuck a few of those around like glitter!), because the language we use is actually incredibly potent.  When I first started my business, I used to say things like "I love what I do but it'll never make me a millionaire" or "I can't afford to do that at the moment".  Nothing inherently wrong with these statements...or is there?  The first one seems ok...on the surface it appears that I am positive about what I do but when you really look into it, what I'm actually saying is that whilst I see what I do as enjoyable, I'm actually grossly devaluing its worth and therefore, that's the overarching message that statement is then reinforcing to other people!  I do love what I do and you know what?  I'm bloody good at what I do, I've done shedloads of training and I'm always learning, and hell yes, it'll make me a millionaire because I'm passionate about it and that's what inspires other people!  Likewise, by stating that I can't afford something I am perpetuating a state where I'm actually blocking wealth and abundance by reinforcing my lack...this beginning to make sense?

Ok, you're probably thinking how can just saying "I'm rich" make you more abundant?  Well maybe it's worth considering how you define abundance or riches.  Is it all about money or are you abundant in talent, drive, passion etc?  Could you turn those talents, skills and passion into a kick-ass business idea or project that could indeed be monetised?  Or do you have a life that is rich and abundant with love and happiness...a great family, loving partner, awesome pets, brilliant friends, great hobbies?  Sometimes we get so bogged down with dwelling in our 'lack' that we fail to see the abundance that is already in our lives and all around us.

Having spent a great deal of my adult life working in jobs I hated and never seeming to have any money despite earning some pretty hefty salaries, I have done a lot of work on really investigating what was causing those financial blocks in my life.  Subconsciously, I didn't value the work I did ergo, the money I received from them didn't feel 'valuable' to me.  I would spend money on things I didn't need as I was under the impression that more and more 'stuff' would fill the void of happiness that I was feeling.  Did that work?  Of course it didn't!  I might've had the latest gadgets and fancy clothes but pretty soon they became outdated and therefore, 'worthless' to me when the latest version or style came out.  Now, I actually spend very little on 'stuff', instead choosing to spend my money - and more importantly, my time - on things that are more worthwhile to me, such as education, experiences, travel and spending time doing the things I love and being with the people that make me happy - your vibe attracts your tribe.

Remember, changing your mindset might not change your life today or tomorrow but over time, you might just notice how much more abundance starts creeping in...


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