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Weekly Yoga Pose: Easy Pose

Easy Pose If you’ve got a knee injury this may not be as ‘easy’ as it seems…it can be modified by sitting on a yoga block or rolled up blanket. The benefits of this pose include: relaxation and stilling of the body quietening of the mind opening of the hips strengthening of the back through sitting upright stretching through ankles and knees Contraindications of this pose: knee or ankle injuries

Weekly Yoga Pose: Three Legged Dog

Three Legged Dog This is a nice pose to transition to when you feel like your downward dog is strong and balanced. The benefits of this pose include: strengthening of the arms stretching through the hamstrings stretching through the hip flexors of the lifted leg improving balance helps to still and quiet the mind Contraindications of this pose: high blood pressure issues with wrists, i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome